helps schedule meetings and collect payments in

one easy task!

No Credit Card required


BOOKINGTOOL is a smart and easy to manage tool that makes scheduling easier for active and busy business professionals who work solo or in a team, and with or without their own website!


BOOKINGTOOL is an on-the-go and mobile friendly platform with easy options to fully customize and automate online bookings and secure payments in one easy task without the hassle and bustle of back-and-forth emails!


BOOKINGTOOL automatically creates and emails Zoom invites to your customers - whenever you wish to offer Zoom as your event location, and connect your BOOKINGTOOL account with your Zoom account!


BOOKINGTOOL simplifies billing by connecting customers to secure payment methods such as PayPal and Stripe as they are booking their appointments.



you can fully customize and automate

everything you want!

... from layouts, logo integration, colors, and fonts to various service details such as different length and type of appointments that customers can choose from, and your preferred payment options.

No Credit Card required

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Fully GDPR ready.

BOOKINGTOOL is suitable for the european market.
We cover all the regulations for you.

Completely translatable into any language.

As you can translate your BOOKINGTOOL into any language and configure it according to your wishes. you can use it anywhere.
Fully customizable BOOKINGTOOL

BOOKINGTOOL is the top layer of the funnel to turn leads into customers.
BOOKINGTOOL’s modern and user-friendly UI\UX enables you to customize booking widgets based on the requirements of your business. The information in the booking widget is classified into different groups. You are free to reorder the steps, disable needless ones.
From the design colors to text language you can customize the booking budget from the admin panel

Dedicated admin dashboard with modern UI\UX

Plus to the appearance of BOOKINGTOOL, the appointment booking tool has a separate back-end dashboard dedicated to the staff and the management. Zero-level code implementation will not distract busy staff members and the administrative team from their main tasks. Well-designed structure and intuitive UI/UX will add a good feel to your daily business.

Reporting module

BOOKINGTOOL appointment scheduler’s extensive reporting module and multi-layer filtering capacity allow you to validate the effectiveness and position of your business. By running a comparative analysis, you can differentiate business accomplishments based on location, staff, or services. This will help you to weigh up the most fulfilling services, define the best performing staff, and spot the lacking areas.

Form builder

Finding the right fit clients is no more a problem!
BOOKINGTOOL appointment booking allows you to request clients to fill in the information you need to know. You can customize your custom fields for your business by using the multi-function Form Builder for your Front-end booking panel.
With the help of drag & drop technology, you can design different booking forms specific to each of your services.

Unlimited operations

Everything is unlimited with the best BOOKINGTOOL for booking appointments! Yes, you heard it right!
Using BOOKINGTOOL , you can add as many services, locations, employees as you want. Throughout the years, you can increase the number of service categories, add new locations to the line without any hassle. This gives professionals endless opportunities to widen their services, grow their business with a minimal investment.

Product Demo


takes it from here and coordinates everything with your customers automatically and in real time!

The following is an example of how BOOKINGTOOL can walk your customers through the online booking and payment system in a few easy and intuitive steps:

... simply embed it on your website with only one line of HTML code:
 				 					<iframe src=""style=height:600px;width:100%;"></iframe> 				 			

This is an example of what your BOOKINGTOOL could look like, of course, you can customize everything.
Please note that we will not take bookings into account in this example.

Like what you see? Launche your own BOOKINGTOOL for free - forever!

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After your 30-day trial of our Professional plan, enjoy the Free version of BOOKINGTOOL – forever.

The right price for every usage type

There are no hidden costs, as our system works with any account type, and all other additional integrated services such as Google Calendar and Notification services (WhatsApp, Email, and SMS)
are free of charge for You.


FREE forever

Personalized Booking URL
Unlimited Services
Unlimited Team Members
Custom Email notifications
Google Calendar integration
Custom design
No credit card required


30-Day free trial

Cancel anytime Meeting integration
PayPal integration
Custom SMS notifications
Custom WhatsApp notifications
White Label
Priority Support

The right price for every usage type

There are no hidden costs, as our system works with any account type, and all other additional integrated services such as Google Calendar and Notification services (WhatsApp, Email, and SMS)
are free of charge for You.

* Including all taxes

Unlimited team members
Involve as many team members in your BOOKINGTOOL as you want and can.
Get paid instantly
You can monetize all the services you offer and have them paid immediately via PayPal, bank transfer, or conveniently local. We recommend virtual meetings, webinars or similar to cash directly online.
High Speed connection
We host everything on German high-speed server farms and guarantee maximum availability and performance.
Free support tickets
We take care of you and your business. As a die-hard advertising agency, it is our need to help and to continuously improve our products and services with the help of your feedback.
Free & helpful reminder
Use personalized email, SMS and WhatsApp notifications to strengthen your customer relationships and improve the quality of your service.
Worldwide availability
As you can translate your BOOKINGTOOL into any language and configure it according to your wishes. you can use it anywhere.
Seamless integrations of the world's leading marketing services
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Your lead generation is our grand mission!


Frequently Asked Questions!

We answer the most asked questions about BOOKINGTOOL

We are based in Germany/Europe and use our BOOKINGTOOL for many different projects. Since compliance with the law is important to us, we work together with media lawyers and of course have our product checked thoroughly on a regular basis.
BOOKINGTOOL is 100% GDPR ready.

Absolutely 100%, because we rely on Mobil First.

Unlimited! We don't set you any limits here. We recommend that you only add as many services as you can process.

No, as long as we do not find any abuse, we are constantly trying to improve the performance and give you even more freedom.

Definitely! We provide you with your personal integration code, which you can call up in your dashboard at any time and easily integrate it on your website. It's very simple, but we also offer you support and detailed documentation.

Sure, we will provide you with a customized page, with your desired URL and a suitable QR code on which your personalized BOOKINGTOOL is published and your customers can book appointments. Of course, this is also completely free of charge.

At the end of your 30-day trial, you'll automatically be downgraded to the Free tier and you’ll be able to continue to use your BOOKINGTOOL as long as you’d like. If you decide to upgrade to our professional paid plan, you can do so from the billing page in your account at any time during or after your trial.

Yes, we offer special pricing to qualified non-profit organizations. Contact our customer support specialists for details:

Business Types


is suitable for

BOOKINGTOOL is suitable for
Gym, Sport and Fitness

Keep your clients healthy and entertained with group or individual classes

BOOKINGTOOL is suitable for
Medical and Healthy

Give patients the care they need according to their calendar, doctor picks, and their medical nuances

BOOKINGTOOL is suitable for
Beauty & Wellness

Strengthen your clients with a thorough examination, online appointments, a set calendar, and other initiatives

BOOKINGTOOL is suitable for
Spa salons

Relax your clients with an enhanced appointment booking process, easy scheduling, and fast payment

BOOKINGTOOL is suitable for
Repair centers

Impress visitors with a list of services, professional backgrounds of servicemen, and the respective prices

BOOKINGTOOL is suitable for
Private Salons

Accessorize your styles with gift cards, discounts and make them clean with customized booking forms

BOOKINGTOOL is suitable for
Personal services

Deliver the best customer service by investigating clients’ experiences with customized booking procedures

BOOKINGTOOL is suitable for
Provide stress-free classes, webinars, one-on-one training, sell materials whether online or offline
BOOKINGTOOL is suitable for

Justify your consultations with a list of services, counselor profiles, online meetings, and respective prices

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